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Make Informed Decisions by Using a Demographic Report

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If you are a real estate broker, retailer, franchisee, or restaurateur currently involved in expansion, site selection, acquisition or disposition, a professional demographic report can be invaluable.  We understand decisions are being made on major investments and these decisions must be based on the best information available. Our reports can give you much of the necessary information you need in your site selection, acquisition or disposition processes.  Determine if a site has enough population or income to support a new or current location.  Compare locations to your site criteria and know if your customer is in the area.  Compare sites to each other to see which ones are best. A Full Demographic Profile can show you population, income, households, families, area growth, race, sex by age, householders, housing, household structure, drive-time to work, educational attainment, and daytime population. Our reports allow you to select and analyze up to 4 radii per report with a full color ring map.  You may choose any US site location by street address, intersection, or coordinates including Alaska and Hawaii.

Are you a landlord or property manager that is buying, selling or leasing? Market your properties effectively by including our reports in your marketing materials. Show your clients why they should buy your property or lease your space.  Investors and developers can minimize risk by showing potential clients why a new project makes sense. Get more commitments before you invest or build.  Appraisers can more accurately determine values on commercial properties and lenders can determine if lending on a specific property is a good risk by using DemoReports.